The Seed of an Idea

Becoming a member of a well rated gym, paying for the extended benefits for the purpose of dropping in at any location I happen to be in the vicinity of, plus the massage beds, got me interested in finding out more about the benefits I was paying for. I’m a light skinned gal, and have blistered every year of my childhood with sunblock being applied every 15 minutes at the highest level available back then. The tanning beds really are not an option. So I began to wonder about the red light therapy.

The first thought was to study the relation of the therapy to cancer. There are just two causes of terminal illness in my family- heart disease with stroke and dimensia; and cancer. I wasn’t going to engage in a therapy I was paying for to unlock the cancer genes. However, when I began to research it, I found not only the opposite reaction (where the red light helps heal cancer), but a few other positive benefits. First, the therapy relieves the pain from cancer and the inflamation. It does the same for muscle injuries, skeletal injuries, and regular workout related stresses. It also helps with depression, anxiety, and insomnia. It is said to help increase concentration as well as aid slight eye trouble. Also, it could rid fungus, eczema , and athletes foot. Further, it’s supposed to boost the immune system and slowly get rid of warts and skin tags. This seemed like too much!

However, the reason the therapy helps with so many things is that it works at different frequencies. The level of frequency determines how deeply it penetrates the cells, and what it may do within them. Some frequencies need administration by a licensed professional, while others are available in a take home light blanket that can be bought OTC at a store that sells them.
This was amazing news! As a teen I used to play with three forms of holistic therapies. First was aromatherapy. The second was crystal therapy. The third was magnet therapy. The crystal therapy worked by using the different light shades from the crystals against the light energy within the aura that surrounds the body to cleanse it with whatever positive energy the crystal shade would bring. Later I added sound therapy.

The crystal therapy is very similar to different light wave therapies. The red light therapy isn’t all that is out there these days. There is also blue light therapy, ultraviolet light therapy, etc. There is therapy to match all colors of the light spectrum, ie the rainbow. Each light spectrum provides a different, specific therapy.

Literally, a person could run a practice mixing the different light therapies to a customized alternative health plan. This is better than heavy concentration at a crystal inducing an optimistic self hypnotized meditation.

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